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Project Name

Project :  ¨People of Hoorn¨

We are all have some history to share.

This Project has so much to do about people which has so much input into the society, people´s life, neighborhood, friends, family members, at their work, vocation, business, art, etc.    


You will be able to find every month a new and interesting history.

Enjoy our next history of life with so much details and expression. 

Trudy Diaz Van de Vlugt

People of Hoorn

A very honorable person with so manyknowledge about languages, culture and society.

People of Hoorn

It is always a such good pleasure to visit her because you can talk and learn though so many experiences.

People of Hoorn

She plays piano, speak several languages, reading books, traveling, coffee (a lot)and talk to people.

By the way, she loves playing piano and teaching languages. By the way, Trudy is my Dutch teacher.

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