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Project Name

Project :  ¨People of Hoorn¨

We are all have some history to share.

This Project has so much to do about people which has so much input into the society, people´s life, neighborhood, friends, family members, at their work, vocation, business, art, etc.    


You will be able to find every month a new and interesting history.

Enjoy our next history of life with so much details and expression. 

Helma Van Kleinwee and Wim Zwijsen


I have a honor to introduce you to this very sweet artist couple from Hoorn.


I must say that it was a such blessed to meet them the another day when I visited their Atelier based in Mosterdsteeg street in Hoorn Center.

Atelier25 .jpg

Do not miss it. You will enjoy how beautiful place combined with a such nice energy and colors.

Atelier15 .jpg

It was magic spending a very quiet Sunday morning with themselves. Coffee with cookies, introducing ourselves, getting to know about the amazing magic of the Art and healing.

Atelier4 .jpg

So, today you will be able to get to know a little bit more about this precious art in our city.
Check their website:

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