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Project Name

Project :  ¨Bastiaan de Vries ; Painting with Light¨

We are all have some history to share.

This Project has so much to do about people which has so much input into the society, people´s life, neighborhood, friends, family members, at their work, vocation, business, art, etc.    


You will be able to find every month a new and interesting history.

Enjoy our next history of life with so much details and expression. 

Bastiaan de Vries,(1974), is a self taught photo artist based in Hoorn, The Netherlands.

In his visuals one will find lots of inspiration found in nature and objects that provoke his curiosity.


In a photo he likes a certain kind of warmth and quietness since we are already living in a very busy and distracting society these days.  

His relationship with photography has not been as strong as since spring 2017, when he made the decision to follow through on this creative path.

You may follow his beautiful art through
@bdv1974 Instagram account
or @screamingart_group which he is part.


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