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Project Name

Project :  ¨ Gata4art by Linda¨

We are all have some history to share.

This Project has so much to do about people which has so much input into the society, people´s life, neighborhood, friends, family members, at their work, vocation, business, art, etc.    


You will be able to find every month a new and interesting history.

Enjoy our next history of life with so much details and expression. 



So happy to introduce you, Linda. 

She is an amazing Italian self-taught artist living in Hoorn, the Netherlands which started painting in 2012 and since then has been experimenting and learning every day. 


Her art spreads happiness around with all the colors she uses. 

Visit her Instagram account and be amazed! 

@gata4art @gata4art_creations 




She gets inspiration from things She is passionate with like:

The vintage photography, vintage fashion

(from the '20s till the '70s),

folklore, graffiti, street art, cubism, and Japanese traditional art. 


Linda uses mixed media including acrylic, spray paint, markers

and oil paint. With her paintings which express the femininity,

grace and elegance of women. 



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